Elskee is excited to host The Reading Room, a curated selection of magazines meant for browsing and inspiration. The purpose of The Reading Room is to promote and encourage the enjoyment of print publications. In time, The Reading Room will expand into other public spaces and/or grow into its own location-a mission we fully support!

Elskee is a play on elsker, the Danish word for love. 

We’re inspired by all things Scandinavian and want to bring the concept of #hygge to the market, using authentic products and design.

Hygge (hoo-gah) is the feeling of coziness, and an appreciation of simple pleasures that a well made product, or an afternoon spent with friends brings. Hygge is about a well lived life.  

The Dane's aren’t the only ones with this notion of coziness. The Dutch call it gezellig, the Swedish, lagom. We may not have a term for it, but we can share the hygge through our thoughtfully curated store.   

We're excited to team up with Boy's Bakery to host a weekly fika and workshops. Boy's Bakery has introduced Sacramento to a new kind of coffee culture with Swedish "fika" buns!