Join us on a culinary tour to the heart of the Lot region of South-Western France. The area is famous for its truffles, artisan cheeses, pâté of fois gras, wines, and walnuts. You’ll stroll through town with your chef as they choose the freshest local ingredients from true farmers markets. Join in the preparation of the evening’s meal, or just watch and enjoy a regional wine and appetizer.



The region is ripe with historical sites and towns. We do day trips to the Lascaux cave paintings, Rocamadour, and Figeac. Experience the hypnotic beauty of the Lot valley during a charming and bountiful season.



Enjoy the privilege of full access to an executive chef, you'll learn as much as you want of you ask questions observe and take in the classical  techniques he uses.



Be as involved as you like, we provide you the outline and you choose your level of participation. Take in the classical techniques of french cooking, as you casually help prepare meals.