how many people will be on the trip?

this depends on the location. generally we try to keep the group size small and intimate. in some situations rooms are double occupancy only. coming solo? we totally encourage that, and can make arrangements for solo travelers or pair you with another guest. at field/trip we really strive to provide a community experience. email us for more information. 


will i get to know the other guests?

we sure hope so! the first day we always have a casual mixer to meet the other guests. most dinners are served family style. there are opportunities to break off from the group and explore if needed. 


will you arrange transportation?

field/trip provides transportation except where noted. each location has its own set of travel dilemmas that will be addressed on that specific page.


can i rent a car?

yes! if you want a little more freedom to explore, or plan on continuing to another location you can rent a car. in some locations renting a car just doesn't make sense because of the excellent public transportation and walkability. check the specific trip for more details on this. 


do i have to do all the activities?

no, you can be as involved as you like, but each experience we offer has truly been labored over to provide you with the best and most unique opportunities. 

all activities are inclusive except where noted, so we encourage you to take advantage of that. 


what if i have a dietary restriction?

if there are certain foods you can’t eat, or simply “haven't learned to like yet” (as my mother would say) please include this in the welcome packet we’ll be sending prior to the trip. 


what should i bring?

the most important thing to bring is a good attitude! follow us on Facebook for some helpful tips and articles about packing for foreign travel…we never leave home without an extra battery pack for our mobile devices!