welcome to my blog

Hi, I’m Ashley Mack, a passionate traveler from Sacramento, California. I harness my love of planning and research to create one-of-a-kind, food-centric, travel experiences for intimate groups of up to 12 guests. Classes and workshops are lead by local experts and of course, I’ll be there to lead the way along with another member of my team.

 Each tour is thoughtfully prepared, with special attention to supporting small businesses and sustainable agriculture. We leave enough breathing room to create a relaxed atmosphere, striking the perfect balance between ‘things to do’ and the chance to break away and explore on your own. We believe that food is meant to be shared, so creating a collective experience centered around food makes perfect sense. I hope you can join us.


 Prague, view from clock tower 

Prague, view from clock tower 

A little about me…

 I caught ‘the bug,’ as they say, after my first solo trip backpacking around the UK. I knew then and there that travel had to be a priority in my life. The trip spanned several months, and I worked in hostels to pay my way. From that point on, no matter where I go, my goal is to pull away from the typical ‘tourist’ areas to see and experience life as a local.

 My tours are designed with the very same spirit in mind.

 Along with a degree in business, I have a long history in the customer service and hospitality industries. I love bringing people together and feel my greatest strength lies in adapting to new situations and environments.

your field/trip awaits...